Upcoming Funding Opportunities via the BC Arts Council!

Attention friends in British Columbia! There are two fantastic granting programs via the BC Arts Council that are currently accepting applications! The Early Career Development Program supports early career practitioners to develop their practice through internship, cohort, residency, and mentorship opportunities. The program is intended to support...

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A special invitation for IPAA members

We would like to invite our IPAA membership to join an exclusive town hall discussion with the Canada Council for the Arts' director of 'Creating, Knowing and Sharing' fund - Steven Loft - on Friday May 1, 2020, from 1pm to 3pm EST. In this town...

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COVID-19 information and resources for the arts community

Toronto Arts Council (TAC) is committed to providing accurate and up to date information for the arts community throughout the COVID-19 emergency response period. TAC understands that the outbreak of COVID-19 may present extraordinary challenges for artists and arts organizations in Toronto. The resources and TAC...

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