IPAA Strategic Plan 2021-2024

In May 2020, The Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA) underwent a strategic planning process with the goal of producing a 3-year organizational plan that responded to the needs of its members and larger Indigenous performing arts sector. The strategic planning document was authored by Artist and Consultant, France Trépanier; who graciously facilitated the discussions and planning process for IPAA and its stakeholders. 

This document covers the period of July 1st, 2021 to March 31, 2024.

Read the PDF version of IPAA’s Strategic Planning Document 2021-2024 HERE.

Cover Image: Mi’gmaq basket by Philip Jerome. Photo credit: France Trépanier

I would like to express my appreciation for the dedicated work of the Grand Council members: Margo Kane, Barbara Diabo, JP Longboat, Karen Pheasant-Neganigwane, Moe Clark, Olivia C. Davies, Genevieve Pelletier, Rebecca Cuddy and Sophie Dow. Nia:wen to Cynthia Lickers-Sage, Executive Director for her support.

It is necessary to express my gratitude for the remarkable contributions of past staff and members of the Grand Council. They have kept this organization alive – in good times and in hard times. We all stand on their shoulders.

Finally, I want to thank all the Indigenous artists who have generously shared their vision and ideas for the future of IPAA.

– France Trépanier



Implement an Indigenous governance model to support our vision, mission and actions

Increase our success through a culture of respect, service, and effective communication


• Create a working group on governance to ensure that priorities are addressed

• Revise and activate the Grand Council Manual created in Spring 2021

• Research different models and create an Elder-Youth advisory body

• Develop a board recruitment strategy

• Formalize clear communication mechanisms between the Grand Council and the staff

• Complete the human resource manual and activate the operating plan



Expand our membership and ensure wide regional representation

Offer services and programs that respond to the needs of our members


• Review the membership categories, benefits, and fees schedule

• Launch a membership recruitment campaign

• Hire an Indigenous artist/consultant to do outreach and run the campaign

• Launch a social media strategy that highlights membership benefits



Provide a website that becomes an essential resource for the sector

Build a strong identity for IPAA

Enhance our visibility and presence regionally, nationally and internationally


• Develop a communication and marketing plan, including rebranding

• Define clear internal communication guidelines

• Redesign and update our website

• Hire a web designer and permanent webmaster

• Develop content and curate resources, including online library and members directory



Redefine our sovereign and self-determined framework

Evaluate and design our services and program to effectively respond to the shifting challenges of the Indigenous performing arts sector

Offer relevant support and information to the membership


• Conduct a review of existing programs and services

• Create a detailed list of potential new programs and services with associated resource allocation – both human and financial

• Establish priorities taking into account the 2021 needs assessment and available resources

• Undertake research and provide an environmental scan of emerging discussions and documentation



Build and sustain healthy relationships between artists, arts organizations, and communities

Facilitate the participation and contribution of members in the development of networks

Ensure a strong presence of IPAA at regional, national and international performing arts events


• Create a working group to develop an action plan and contribute to concrete networking initiatives

• Create a calendar of events that can be accessed by members

• Create an IPAA Spotlight/monthly celebration of a member interested in showcasing and discussing their artistic practice

• Establish partnerships to develop and share networkings including touring & events

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