The Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance is a member-driven organization serving Indigenous artists and arts organisations across Turtle Island. We provide opportunities for arts and culture workers to connect with one another, gain skills and knowledge, and advertise their work and events among the network. 

As a member of IPAA, Individuals and arts organisations gain exclusive access to the Indigenous Performance Network (IPN).

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A group of performers on stage singing
Artist Circumpolar Collaboration performed as part of the Alianait Arts Festival.
Photo Credit: Vincent Desrosiers

Safer Spaces at IPAA

The Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA) is committed to promoting and protecting the rights and dignity of all Indigenous people, regardless of their gender expression and identity, sexual orientation, status and band affiliation, age, religion, disability, economic status, education, and other distinguishing traits. 

The Safer Spaces Statement may also be referred to as our Code of Conduct, providing guidelines with respect to behaviours and values for decision-making, advocacy efforts, and relationships with our membership and other stakeholders.

IPAA Community Values

This Code rests upon these traditional values understood in the Grandmother Teachings:

Debwewin = Truth

Dabasendiziwin = Humility

Manaaji’idiwin = Respect

Zaagi’idiwin = Love

Gwayakwaadiziwin = Honesty

Zoongide’ewin = Bravery & Courage

Nibwaakaawin = Wisdom

Our understanding of these values comes from the Anishinaabe guiding principles passed down from generation to generation to guide the Anishinaabe in living Minobimaadiziwin (the good life). To learn more about the 7 Grandmother/father Teachings visit the Seven Generations website.

IPAA is committed to

  • Promoting a culture that values consent and encourages all employees and members to work together to ensure our community events can be safe places for everyone
  • Providing a healthy work/gathering environment with zero tolerance for discrimination*, harassment*, bullying, and violence in all forms
  • Providing a supportive community that uplifts and celebrates Indigenous voices; where all individuals are treated with dignity, can contribute fully, and have equal opportunities
  • Creating an environment where employees, members, and other participants can expect to be treated in accordance with the values of this code
  • Advocating for the safety of the Indigenous performing arts community
  • Acknowledging and investigate incident reports in a timely and confidential manner
  • Responding appropriately and sensitively when a member, patron, staff, volunteer or other contracted party has been harassed or assaulted
  • Supporting survivors should they wish to report incidents to staff, board or the authorities, whether the incident is recent or is being reported retroactively 
  • Adhering to the Occupational Health and Safety Act of the Province of Ontario and the Canadian Code of Conduct for the Performing Arts
  • Reviewing the Code annually and providing opportunities for stakeholders to communicate feedback, offer suggestions and accept amendments

* Discrimination is an action or decision that results in a person or a group being treated negatively for reasons such as their race, age or disability. These reasons, also called grounds, are protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

*Harassment can take many forms including unwanted sexual attention, inappropriate jokes or texts, threats, and other unwelcome verbal, written, visual, or physical communication or conduct.

Contact Points

To report a concern or complaint, or to provide feedback, please contact Executive Director Cynthia Lickers-Sage via email at cynthia@ipaa.ca, or email Board Chair INSERT at INSERT.

You may report an incident, concern or complaint through this Anonymous Response Form

This Code of Conduct applies to all current employees of IPAA, including all full and part-time, casual, contract, permanent and temporary employees. It also applies to all persons who attend IPAA activities, including the Intertribal Gathering and online events. Without limitation, this policy will therefore apply to members, volunteers, artists and other third-party participants, independent contractors and members of the Grand Council.

Additional Resources

The Right to Respect: Expectations in the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s Complaint Process

Honouring Our Ways: A Just and Sustainable Approach to Urban Indigenous Wellbeing & Safety by the National Association of Friendship Centers (NAFC)

Hope of Wellness Helpline is available 24/7 to all Indigenous people across Canada

Talk4Healing is a 24/7 help, support and resource for Indigenous women, by Indigenous women, all across Ontario: 1855 554 HEAL.

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