Indigenous Artist

Ashley was born and raised in Wiikemkoong Unceded Territory. He has five beautiful children and a wife and lives a Homesteading lifestyle in Kaboni. In his younger years, Ashley and his father would often travel to Doganiing (South Bay) to visit elder Nahpi. He would welcome them to sit on the couch in his log house. Nahpi would bring out his playing cards, present stories with the cards, and mysteriously show him magic. Ashley has been practicing the art of Magic ever since.
Growing interests into how angles work brought him into wood carving, set building and eventually into land based art. Ashley started as a volunteer with Debajehmujig in the nineties, eventually leading him to pursue joining the Community Arts Animator Program at Debaj where he graduated from the three year program. After graduating he was hired on as Head Carpenter/ Set Builder, Set Designer, Production Manager,and Actor on various Debajehmujig Productions.
The notion of presenting oneself has been a challenge for Ashley as he is naturally very quiet. Since starting with Debajehmujig in 1991, Ashley's experience with the company has bought him to newer heights in the Practice of gifting the Arts to the people.
Today Ashley runs the Land Arts Stream at Debajehmujig. His main staples are training in land based activities, leading the annual Six Foot Festival and the annual Seed Swap. Ashley continues to apply the Odawa Medewin Teachings to every aspect of his Art Practice at Debajehmujig as a foundation to Set Construction/ Design, Land Base Art Training and Performance. Ashley has developed a myriad of other skills at Debajehmujig including clown, fire art skills, stilt walking, prop making, painting, and performance in improvisational theatre.


First Nations


Three Fire Confederacy
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