Ally Individual

I am a professional dancer/choreographer and educator. My specialties lie in Indian Classical, folk, tribal and Sufi Indian dance. I use dance as a powerful tool for dialogue and communication; bringing awareness & highlighting issues related to marginalized and Indigenous communities, with an emphasis on women's stories.
After more than 30 years of being in this field, I consider it a privilege to be on this sacred land, collaborating harmoniously with various Indigenous artists from different genres. This has been an enriching journey.
I feel that these collaborations brought a sense of togetherness, cultural exchange, encouraged compassionate dialogue, and was a great learning experience.

My productions & workshops highlight dance stories using rhythm, movement/dance and spoken word/poetry, where the whole stage becomes a sacred ritual space for all to partake in. Through my work, I would like to offer a sense of belonging and create a sense of hope & joy.
I come from an ancient culture and carry forward a lineage from a timeless space, and in my collaborations with Indigenous artists from the Mohawk, Anishinaabe, & Quechua cultures, I have realised how much we all have in common spiritually, philosophically, artistically and emotionally. A deep sense of respect & honor for Mother Earth, all the elements, and all beings that reside here, enrich such creative collaborations.
I am grateful and honored to have created with such beautiful artists who have now become friends.
Thank you
Last reviewed: Jul 27th, 2023