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Gitxsan filmmaker, and Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, a Blackfoot and Sámi filmmaker, met by chance and became quick friends. After surviving a traumatic auto accident, Terreane took a long break from filmmaking. This co-directed project is Terreane’s return to filmmaking and chronicles her resilience and often humorous take on living with disability and trauma.

“As a Gitxsan woman with a disability, I feel that voices like mine have been ignored, misrepresented or spoken for without consultation or consent. However, this has not deterred me in continuing to create work with valuable content. I don’t define myself as a person with cerebral palsy, however it does influence who I am. I want to continue making films that engage and inform my audiences on topics like my own lived experiences. This includes but is not limited to disability related topics or content.Life is all encompassing, as is my work. It is not limited by one aspect of my being.I am determined to demonstrate to people life is about living without limitations: self-induced or imposed by outsiders looking in.”