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With a broad history in film as an actress, a longstanding career as a professional dancer, Sarain Carson-Fox also works as an up-and-coming clothing designer and model in her spare time – this flight-footed fashionista is surely no stranger to the spotlight.

However, you can’t mistake her for just another pretty face – at only 25 years of age this young artist already has a steadfast conscience and sense of direction.

Of Anishinabe lineage, Sarain is a passionate spokesperson for her Aboriginal community North of Toronto and wears the beauty of her heritage with pride. Sarain explains that, “through film and acting my goal is to tell the stories that allow us to relearn our self’s as Aboriginal people.”

Through her pursuit of recognition as a name in the film industry, Sarain hopes to open new doors and opportunities for Aboriginal youth. Already well on her way, Sarain has worked on several major projects: she was cast as Sacheen Little Feather in “The Andy Warhol Interview Project” which debuted at the Vienna Film Festival in June 2007 and was involved in the ARG re-release of the CBS TV drama “Jericho”.

Of course, she always has lots of new ideas on the drawing board and is currently refining several concepts for projects in the near future. Already in progress are various independent endeavors including the debut of her first play entitled “Ashes” which appeared at the Weesageechak Festival in Toronto and most recently; Sarain completed The New York Film Academy’s, acting for film program.

Just as comfortable behind the scenes as in front of the lens, Sarain is also a distinguished fashion model. She can be seen on the front cover of PIE, Redskin and Spirit magazines, and has also appeared in ImagoZine, Butterfly Unltd. from NYC and Grind magazine. Sarain has modeled in several Imago shows and also for designer Brandon R. Dwyer of Project Runway.

Check out her feature in Urban Native Magazine here.

Sarain is strong and nimble not only as an intellect; she has also been studying, practicing and performing as a professional dancer for the past ten years. She has attended the Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre, the Quinte Ballet School and the Alvin Ailey Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in New York City. She has performed at The Canada Dance Festival 2008, The Barrie Jazz And Blues Festival VIII, the 2002, 2007 and 2012 Aboriginal Achievement Awards, and two summers with the Ajkun Ballet Theatre Company in New York City.

She was a member of Kaha:wi Dance theatre and has attended three Indigenous dance residencies at The Banff Centre, which allowed her to work with Neil Iremia of Black Grace and Javier Dezule of Dezule dance. Sarain is currently the newest member of Untitled Collective; a NYC based Australian Aboriginal modern dance collective.

On and off the dance floor, this stellar entity of artistic expulsion is truly always on her toes.