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Candy is a recovered lawyer who was raised by bikers in the wilds of Northern New Brunswick.

Comedian, Host & Speaker – Candy is the creator and star of the national, variety TV series featuring/ promoting East Coast Music, Canadian Music and Candy’s comedy. The Candy Show airs every Wednesday night on APTN and APTN HD Channels. With four Seasons running on Television, Season 5 currently in Pre Production, Candy has acted on Season 4 of Call Me Fitz opposite Jason Priestly for Bravo, and acted in Season one of Thom Fitzgerald’s new TV series, Sex & Violence, opposite Olympia Dukakis for Out TV, and Forgive Me on the Super Channel.
Candy is on APTN National News “the Laughing Drum” segment twice a month. Fall 2013 Candy was invited to take part of the International event WE Day Atlantic in Halifax, as one of the Keynote speakers.

The Candy Show has been nominated for 2 Canadian Screen Awards ( 2013 & 2014) , and Candy herself, has been nominated for an ECMA (East Coast Music Award) for media person of the year 2013. Candy is consistently traveling the country Headlining sold out Comedy shows, and hosting festivals, events, award shows, public appearances and various corporate and private events. Candy has appeared in Halifax comedy festival for years, Hub Cap comedy festival in Moncton and in 2011and 2013 she was voted Halifax’s best comedian in The Coast viewers.

Candy Palmater is a Mi’Kmaq woman who is a TV Producer, Film Producer, (she has 3 film credits under her belt), actor, writer, speaker, comedian , Host/ emcee and radio personality, and let’s not forget being a newspaper article writer for years. She is currently working on a development deal for a Dramedy for APTN, called The Pink Indian and is working on a play.

You can find Candy on CBC radio’s DNTO, watch her weekly on her 2 YouTube Channels, and her daily updates on

Candy is highly sought after for both her Intellect and knowledge of Aboriginal, Educational and Women’s Right’s, as well as her unique ability in speaking in all types of situations. Education is near and dear to Candy. Her motivational and inspirational speeches are welcomed students and educators. She is one of a kind and knows how to integrate humor when needed.

Candy has traveled to High Schools and Junior High Schools with an Anti bullying talks and the power of language talks, and the reviews from the Prinicpals, teachers, students and parents of the students, is positively overwhelming. Candy has spoken at the annual Dream Walkers Gathering in Ontario, to the Union of Ontario Chiefs, countless of Aboriginal Organizations, communities, TRC events and has delivered powerful speeches and comedy, to Residential School Survivors. Candy has hosted several Aboriginal Youth events, Educational Conferences for Aboriginal People and is a strong advocate for keeping First Nation People motivated and inspired by delivering one of her keynote speeches around this topic.