Arts Vote 2011

Note from The Arts Coalition: We are currently working on five initiatives to strengthen the presence of the arts in Campaign 2011. We invite you to join us in one or more of them.

  1. For the duration of the 2011 Election Campaign, every Friday at 1 pm, the Coalition will be hosting weekly teleconferences with arts activists from across the country, one in English and one in French. Our first English call is scheduled for Friday, April 1 at 1 p.m. Eastern time. (A French call will follow.) If you’re involved in federal election arts initiatives in your riding and would like to get a sense of the information resources available to you, exchange perspectives and learning with other arts activists, and share best practices, we’d welcome you to take part. Contact us and we’ll send you dialing instructions.
  2. The Coalition hosts a lively page on Facebook, and we invite you and the people you know to publish your updates, links and reports there.
  3. If you are tweeting about federal election arts issues, we ask that you consider using the hashtag #artsvotecan — and tell everyone you know to do the same!
  4. A team of volunteers is working on assembling an election toolkit for the Canadian Arts Coalition website. Details will emerge in the coming days, but it should ultimately include a messaging piece, some door-step questions, compelling arts facts, a Twitter primer, links to relevant local, provincial and national resources, analyses of the party platforms, and guidelines for registered charities during elections.
  5. Orchestras Canada will host an email discussion group for people working on election issues who would like to stay in touch via email. If this interests you, you can submit a request to join the group. Click on “Subscribe” in the menu on the right hand side of the screen.


source: Canadian Arts Coalition

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